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by Kelly D. on General Steel
Get er' Done w/GSC!

I've been with this company for 8 years strong now and have appreciated all of the opportunites presented to me. Everyone here buys into the teamwork concept and things get done. Managment is engaging and supportive...co-workers are awesome. If you like Striving and Thriving, General Steel might just be the right fit for you.

by Jon.F on General Steel

I've worked here for two years now and love showing up to work everyday! It's like a big family here at General Steel! The opportunity is limitless.

by Dale Gaston on General Steel

I have worked for General Steel for over 7 years. Jeff & Lauren take care of their employees. Also they have been fare and nice to me. they are nice people to work for. The reason why I like my job I do a variety of things each day it keeps me on the go like my last job as a camera man for KTVD channel 20.

by Laura on General Steel

I’ve been an employee here for over ten years. One of the things that remain consistent is the support. The owner regularly does things to show appreciation towards the employees. This is a place of teamwork where most everyone works together to accomplish the same goals and the people I work with have become basically like family to me. The flexibility of scheduling as well as nights and weekends off has allowed me to go back to school and maintain a work, school, life balance.

by Luke on General Steel

I've worked here for 12 years, basically it's the only job I've ever really had. I keep showing up everyday and still seem to enjoy it. I've made over a million dollars so that helps.

by Ron L. on General Steel
General Steel

It is a pleasure to work for a company that is growing in the right direction and takes care of their employees. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. Teamwork is not a cliché, it is the culture at General Steel.

by Desiree on General Steel
Never a Manic Monday

I was Impressed from day 1! The owner was on the sales floor rather than in his office. He is involved, approachable, and hardworking. Management as a whole is great with their teams which makes my job easier.I enjoy what I do, who I work for, & who I work with ~ that's a blessing!My job can get chaotic so having a fun & happy environment is a plus.

by Charlie W. on General Steel
General Steel

I've worked for General Steel now for 3 years, it gets better the longer you're here. The training is intense, if you're weak you won't last, if you're tough and want to win the rewards and income are great.Almost everyone has heard of General Steel and we dominate this industry, so the leads are strong and the clients look forward to your call. The components department is loaded with very experienced and talented people to draw from, and you know they are taking care of your clients, freeing you up to keep working with new clients.I like that I come into work at 7:30 leave at 4:00 with weekends free and still make more then most salesman.

by Ryan B. on General Steel
Excellent Work Environment!

I have worked for General Steel for over 5yrs. The overall work environment is stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding! The company is good at putting people in positions to utilize their strengths and abilities. Incredible earning potential!

by Jim on General Steel
Good place to work at

General Steel has a family atmosphere, everyone is working for the same goal. Company allows me to have a work life balance, the company has a team enivorment, everyone wants to work together.

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